Samsung Dealt with Biometric Authentication Security
Samsung said the company released an update for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 smartphones, which will fix the security vulnerability of the fingerprint sensor - became known on Wednesday, October 23.  Users have complained recently that Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones can be easily unlocked by any user if a protective film is attached to the smartphone. Samsung apologized and the company confirmed the above vulnerability, saying that there was a problem with the specific protective shell used by the user. In a previous official statement, Samsung indicated that users of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series smartphones are advised to remove the protective film, remove all old fingerprints and re-enter them in the database. This week, a number of banks and payment systems disabled Samsung smartphones, the ability to use their applications, due to security breaches. After the mass release of the update patch, this ban is expected to be lifted. The company stated that the security of the product is very important and they are going to increase its level through continuous improvements and updates, including in the field of biometric authentication.