Samsung Cancels All Pre-Orders Galaxy Fold
Samsung may have finally fixed the Galaxy Fold and officially confirmed the new release dates for the fold-phone, but those who ordered the smartphone earlier this year may not receive it. The fact is that Samsung sends customers emails asking them to cancel all pre-orders while it “rethinks the entire customer experience” connected with the sale of the phone. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the company is canceling all existing Galaxy Fold pre-orders that were made online. This is a strange step, given that today, September 6, Samsung launches sales of the new devices on the South Korean market. As a consolation prize, Samsung offers customers a $250 credit for the Samsung store. Recall that Samsung officially confirmed the dates of Galaxy Fold sales in different markets: September 6 in Korea; September 18 in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK; and “in the coming weeks” in the United States (rumored September 27th).