Samsung and Opera Develop Embedded Crypto Wallets: What Influence Will It Have on Bitcoin?

The continuous recession of the cryptocurrency industry has shaped a specific opinion among the community. There is no doubt that many crypto holders now have a negative attitude towards digital assets after so many hacker attacks and drastic price collapses.

In order for the market to “wake up” and recover its reputation, it needs support and endorsement from major financial institutions and world-scale companies, enterprises that attract a huge audience of users.

The decision of Samsung and Opera on developing blockchain wallets for Bitcoins and integrating them into their device and browser correspondingly is the perfect example of how Bitcoin and crypto in general might get a second breath.

Crypto wallet in Opera

According to the official press release on the site of the browser, Opera is going to partner up with the Swedish Bitcoin exchange Safello to integrate the special feature into the Android version of the browser.

From now on, the citizens of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using Opera on their smartphones.

This is another step towards the larger adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies, given the fact that Opera has already launched a blockchain-powered web version of its browser.

Crypto wallet in Samsung

As for the South Korean smartphone and electronic devices giant Samsung, we still do not have any clear evidence on whether the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 is going to have a crypto wallet. The official representatives of the company have not confirmed or refuted anything as well.

Thus, the info might be rightfully called a rumor. However, this rumor comes from a source that is supposedly very close to the actual production department. Moreover, a couple of Twitter users have made a thorough research of the leaked photos of Galaxy 10, making it rather obvious that a crypto wallet of some kind is definitely going to be there.

So we can rephrase the famous saying of Neil Armstrong and claim: that’s one small step for a company, one giant leap for the crypto industry.

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