Samsung and AMD Entered Into a New Strategic Partnership
Samsung and AMD have announced a new long-term strategic partnership, within which advanced graphics solutions will be developed. For many years, Samsung has been involved in the development of chips for graphics processors, and new partnership can help the company improve this process. In turn, AMD will benefit from the use of graphics technology in another industry. According to a press release, Samsung will pay AMD licensing fees for using Radeon technology. In recent years, AMD has achieved significant success outside the gaming market. It is expected that Google’s upcoming cloud platform Stadia will also use AMD graphics. Graphic systems designed for Samsung mobile devices are aimed at high performance with ultra-low power consumption. As a result, more affordable premium-class devices may appear on the market with the launch of more intense games and simulations without overheating or load on the battery. Samsung intends to integrate AMD Radeon graphics into all future mobile applications.

Cryptocurrency Mining on Mobile Phones

Another industry in which high-performance GPUs can be used is cryptocurrency mining. While mobile mining is not efficient enough, the development of low-power graphics processors can stimulate its promotion among miners. Having a smartphone that specializes in mining can help develop new projects. Projects created specifically for mobile devices can be in demand, given the fact that today almost everyone owns a smartphone. We want to remind you: