Сache that is Very Difficult to Clean was Found in Android Chrome
The good idea of caching data is a headache for end users in practice because applications overfill the available memory with the cache. There are dozens of utilities on Android, they are intended to clear the cache. But Chrome users on Android noticed that these apps don`t delete everything. So the cache remains and utilities just do not “see” it, and over time it can take up gigabytes of space. Officially, this cache is called "site storage". It is impossible to remove it having cleared the cache through the Android settings menu. You can free up this disk space only through the Chrome native interface. To do this, go to the browser and find menu and go to "Settings" - "Site Settings" - "Storage". In this window, you can analyze how much space the site cache takes. Here you can either clear this data alone or scroll down the page and click on “Clear site storage”. We hope this information was useful for you. If you want to get the latest news, as well as useful tips from the world of cryptocurrencies and high technologies, be sure to stay tuned on our official website.