Rumors: Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date Announced
According to a new leak, The popular GTA VI game may come out next year. Actor Steven Ogg, best known for series “The Walking Dead”, “The Wild West” and the role of Trevor Phillips in GTA V, was a source for these rumors. Recently, he posted a post on his Twitter stating that the sixth generation of the cult game should come out very soon. He noted that Rockstar Games usually release large-scale projects every 7-8 years, GTA V was released in 2013, therefore a new version of the game will appear in 2020-2022. However, there is a slight inaccuracy in its calculation, the fact is that Rockstar Games also released Red Dead Redemption 2 between 2013 and 2018, the work on the project took up most of the studio's resources. As for Ogg’s words “soon” - who knows how knowledgeable he is in this matter. If he is working on a game, then this will be a statement of violation of the non-disclosure agreement.  These are all rumors, as representatives of the Rockstar Games studio have not yet made any official comments regarding GTA VI. Therefore, we should be patient and wait for the news.