Robert Kiyosaki Supports BTC

The well-known businessman and author of the world’s bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki again criticized paper money. He praised assets such as Bitcoin, silver, and gold, he believes that they retain their value much better than fiat does.

“Why do people become poor? One reason in definition of $. Real $ is 1. unit of Account;  2. Medium of exchange; 3. Store of Value. Fake $ Do not Store Value. Own gold, silver, Bitcoin, which 1. store value, 2, are units of account & 3. exchangeable. Savers of fake $ are losers.” - Robert stated in his Twitter.

Recall that due to the FEDd’s quantitative easing policy, Robert has long considered the US dollar to be “fake”. Besides, the American national currency is only a debt obligation that makes the poor even poorer and the rich - richer.

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