Ripple’s Capitalization Reached the 2nd Place after Bitcoin

According to CoinMarketCap, сapitalization of the cryptocurrency called Ripple reached almost $95 billion having squeezed Ethereum.

The price of XRP tokens increased by 50% and was around $85 billion on December 29th, 2017.

The rate of this digital currency has increased by more than 30000% since the beginning of 2017, whereas Ripple’s initial price was less than a cent.

Tether Beats Historical Records in Terms of Trading Volume

According to the CoinMarketCap website, over the past 24 hours, the trading volume of the most popular stable coin has recorded a new historical maximum – about $10 billion.

Against this background, Bitcoin also shows positive dynamics: its volume during the last 24 hours is about 11 billion US dollars. It is worth noting that the last time such a value was recorded on April 25 of last year, but it is important to understand that on that day the rate of the first cryptocurrency was $9,750.

According to analysts from the agency DataLight, the Tether project has been often criticized recently. The main claim to this stable coin is not fully confirmed reserves. But if we take into account the above-presented trading volumes, then it appears that everything is okay with the USDT reserves.

The growing indicator of Bitcoin and Tether trading volumes is a positive sign, which may mean a further increase in the value of cryptocurrencies.


But despite this positive dynamics, we can see that over the past 24 hours the BTC rate has decreased by 1.23%. As of this writing, it is $4,036, although yesterday it was approaching a new resistance line of $4,100.

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Swiss Parliament Approved Motion For Crypto Regulation: Details

Switzerland is known not only for chocolate, cheese, and watches but also for a stunning economy development and high quality of life. Moreover, it has been conducting research in advanced technologies, like blockchain, for example. This resulted in acknowledging Switzerland as a leading blockchain and crypto hub.

The Swiss General Assembly decided to follow the Japanese Parliament in crypto regulation and approved a motion to regulate cryptocurrency. Giovanni Merlini, a liberal Assemblyman, is going to instruct the Federal Council on how to adopt the existing legislation and avoid crypto risks for potential investors. The motion was approved with 99 to 83 votes in favor.

First of all, such motion is the first step to tackle money laundering, extortion, and criminal fraud. As a fiat currency, Swiss Franc, has strict regulations in the country, so that the government can prosecute the criminals and regulate money activity, then the only thing left is to regulate crypto, which is what the Federal Council did.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), one of the major banking authorities, stated that crypto could actually “raise financial stability concerns and increase risks faced by banks.” Moreover, it has criticized the basis of crypto technology calling it unreliable means of exchange.

Even though the banks adopted quite a negative attitude towards cryptocurrency, the government tries to implement it in everyday life.

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Analyst: Bitcoin Price Will Exceed $100,000, Or Even $400,000

Bitcoin price is something that many analysts had tried to predict but failed. Nevertheless, some of them still please a crypto community with predictions of 5- or even 6-digit numbers. Naeem Aslam, the Chief market analyst in Think Markets, feel assured that BTC price will fly up to as much as $400,000.

In the blog post, Aslam expressed his opinion considering the current rate of the first cryptocurrency. From his point of view, investors, especially long-term ones, should not worry about the $4000 mark. During the next bull run, the price will definitely rise up five times. First, it will reach the previous all high-time, which is $20,000 and then head for its low-end target of $100,000. A high-end target of $400,000 will also be possible as the price will surge in 20 times, as it was in 2017 when the price ran from $1000 to $20,000.

Naeem Aslam also stated that such high prices are not a joke:

“This number is not a fool’s paradise. $400,000 is a simple math calculation: approximate percentage projection of the price which we experienced during the last bull run.”

At the beginning of December 2018, he told that Bitcoin had been very close to finding its bottom. Moreover, he thought that panic around the price of the first cryptocurrency only proves it.

Tom Lee made his prediction about the Bitcoin price about a week ago. He said that Bitcoin would enter the bullish market and repair itself in 2019. More information about his prediction is here:

Tom Lee: Bitcoin Bull Market Is Coming in 2019

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today, March 22: Cryptocurrencies Slightly Moved to the Red Zone

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: Cryptocurrency prices

According to the online platform Coin360, Bitcoin (BTC) lost 0.64% in the past 24 hours. The price at the time of writing is $4004 per coin.

Cryptocurrencies are showing a slight decrease:

Bitcoin Cash lost 3%, Bitcoin SV dropped by 0.8%, the value of the coins is $153 and $65, respectively;

Ripple fell by 1.7% and costs $0.31;

EOS lost 2.7%, and its price is $3.61;

Litecoin decreased by 1.9%, and its value is $58;

Cardano added 4.2%, and its cost is $0.056;

Stellar dropped by 3.4% and costs $0.10;

IOTA grew by 3.4%, and its cost $0.30;

Dash became cheaper by 2%, and its price is $90;

Monero fell by 3% and costs $53.

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum lost 1.8%. The exchange rate of the coin is $136.

The total market capitalization is $139 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 50.9% of the total volume. In monetary terms, this is $71 billion.

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Vitalik Buterin: We Want to Achieve a Speed of 100,000 Transactions Per Second

The well-known ideological inspirer and founder of the second cryptocurrency, in terms of capitalization, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin stated that in future his project should achieve a throughput of 100,000 transactions per second. He also said that his entire huge development team is currently focused on three main issues:

  • privacy;
  • scalability;
  • ease of use.

So scalability – the Ethereum blockchain right now can process 15 transactions per second. Really, we need 100,000”, he said.

To solve the problem of scalability, Vitalik Buterin relies on sharding:

“There are two major kinds of strategies that we’re working on for scalability. One is layer-one scaling and the other is layer-two scaling. Layer-one scaling basically means improving the blockchain protocol itself to process a larger set of transactions” – explains Vitalik. – And our solution to this, called sharding, basically means that you split up the different transactions to randomly selected, different groups of computers. And this basically means that the blockchain can process way more things than one single computer can hold. And that can increase scalability by maybe a factor of 1,000 or so, but then potentially even more, much later down the road.”

Sharding is a relatively new technology with which you can divide the data into separate parts. Thus, using sharding, you can optimize the process of verifying transactions and smart contracts, which will have a beneficial effect on network bandwidth. According to Buterin, his team did not forget about the second level scaling.

While discussing the topic of scaling, Vitalik simply couldn’t forget about Bitcoin. In his opinion, an increase in throughput of Ethereum is vital for the future of his project. The fact is that if developers fail to achieve this, then a significant share of the market capitalization will remain for the current flagship Bitcoin.

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North Korean Cheollima Civil Defense Sells Visas in Crypto To Take On Kim Jong-un

A revolutionary North Korean organization that calls oneself Cheollima Civil Defense is currently working on ousting nation leader Kim Jong-un and the government of the country. Free Joseon, another name of the group, announced that they are going to sell visas to the new country starting from Sunday.

The supporters of Free Joseon can purchase visas in Ethereum, one ETH is the price for the first 1000 visas, which will be issued on the blockchain technology using ERC-721. The official site of the organization stated that visas can be traded and sold. If a customer wants to have business activity in the new free country, they have to contact the group to get an advanced visa.

Source: CCN

The visa allows a person to enter “Free Joseon” just for 45 days at a time. Such visas are called “G-Visas,” you can see the example in the left. And the letter “G” means “Genesis”.

The contract address is 0x9044c1f34f29d19558c11662cb2de79f858347d9. About seven visas were already bought.

Cheollima Civil Defense took all responsibility for action against North Korea, including graffiti slogans on the fence of the North Korean embassy in Malasia. They are also responsible for saving the son of the assassinated Kim Jong-Nam – a half-brother of Kim Jong-un.

Source: Chosun

The organization is doing everything secretly as they are afraid of having their identity revealed. There is a note on the official site, which states:

“The identification of even a single member could lead to the identities of others. Several of us have already escaped their attempts on our lives and that of our families. Many of our compatriots and their relatives have not been as fortunate. And any left surviving in concentration camps would surely face execution if the identities of their family members were dissidents were made known.”

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