Trustpac – Is Its Crypto Offer Right-Suited?

Trustpac introduction

The events of the crypto space in the last couple of weeks have been very frustrating for any trader with a long-term bullish exposure to the market, naturally. Since valuations retraced sharply from the all-time highs, these traders are faced with difficult decisions, as there are no indications that the bearish sentiment is going to wane anytime soon. 

In such conditions, working with a brokerage such as Trustpac is more convenient, since you have greater flexibility to either buy or sell. Although the broker covers other asset classes on top of crypto, this review will try to explain what the main benefits when trading BTC and altcoins with this brand are. 

CFD and crypto trading

Trustpac offers CFD trading on a broad range of instruments. When it comes to crypto trading, the company allows you to trade on tokens that are still popular among the wider public. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and XRP are just some of the cryptos you can trade with this brand.


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Obviously, you can use margin trading and if you choose to work with Trustpac, fast transaction processing and competitive costs are guaranteed. Another major strength is that you can build a diversified portfolio, one that mixes cryptocurrencies with other assets that are less volatile. 

Trustpac Trade Room

If you want to explore the Trustpac platform, take a look at the professional trading room. When working with this broker, you’ll have access to proprietary web-based software, one that does not require advanced gear and can be easily used by any trader. whether beginner or expert. 


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Advanced charting, market news, price alerts, and other features have been integrated to the platform so traders can make well-informed decisions at a time when markets are very challenging. The platform is very versatile and can adapt to any screen size or device, even if it’s a mobile device we’re talking about. 

Other benefits

Choosing to open a trading account with Trustpac comes with various benefits, some of which are:

  • A platform compatible with any device, including mobile
  • Market-leading spreads
  • Access to an education center
  • The latest market news
  • Exclusive positions
  • 24/6 online support
  • One-on-one sessions with trading experts

Aware of the growing competition in the retail brokerage industry, Trustpac wants to make all its customers happy, and succeeds in doing so mainly by offering features in line with the latest market requirements. Also, keep in mind that you have access to live trading conditions in exchange for a small initial deposit, which can be made using a credit/debit card or a wire transfer, among other methods. 


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Trustpac summary

The uncertainty in the crypto industry might continue into 2022, which is why your job as a trader is to adapt to volatile conditions. Trading crypto CFDs with Trustpac turns out to be a viable solution, since you can sell short when valuations are dropping. 

At the same time, you get to use tailored software, alongside having access to a wide range of market analysis resources. Trustpac deserves the credit it receives and hopefully it can manage to continue on the same path. 

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