The full review of the Hive OS operating system for mining

Looking for an effective solution for managing the mining processes and monitoring your ASICs and GPU rigs? Then check Hive OS to you. It’s the most efficient and convenient operating system that will meet all your needs. Take a closer look:

You can control everything from a single dashboard

Everything can be tracked at one place: hashrate, energy consumption, the activity of your team, etc.

Hive OS can be used even with very large farms 

Do you have thousands of workers to manage? For Hive OS that’s not a problem — it allows managing up to 200,000 devices at the same time. It is also possible to apply changes to all of them at once.

You can set up multi-user access

If you have a team working with your farm, you can set up different access rights for them. For instance, you can provide your admin with full access to the farm, while the technicians — only with the monitor level of access. In this way, you will protect your income.

The autotagging feature

You can provide Hive OS with the specific criteria, and the system will break your workers into groups. This is done automatically and ensures easier management.

Hive OS helps to prevent the infection of the entire farm

If one device gets infected with a virus, it can quickly infect the entire farm. The result is the downtime and, therefore, loss of profits. Hive OS helps to avoid such a situation. The system constantly monitors the condition of your devices, and immediately informs you in case one of them is in danger. In this way, you can protect your farm from the virus and avoid all the unpleasant consequences.

Hive OS ensures automatic fan control

This feature is called autofan, and it helps to protect your ASICs and GPU rigs from overheating — it keeps the devices close to the target temperature. Apart from this, you can monitor the temperature of all your workers at once, even in case you have a large number of devices. In Hive OS, you have a heatmap, and if one of the workers gets overheated, it becomes red. 

A temperature watchdog

If one of your devices somehow reaches the critical temperature, a special watchdog automatically reboots the worker or stops the mining process. In this way, it is possible to prevent the damage of the equipment.

GPU overclocking

Using Hive OS, you can make your GPU rigs reach the most optimal performance, so that they will bring your higher profits.

Hive OS statistics

The Hive OS operating system provides you with the statistics on the performance of your devices on different algorithms, temperatures, miners, and so on. Therefore, in case something goes wrong, you can quickly figure out what happened and why. The data is collected for the period of 1 year.

Referral rewards system

With Hive OS you can earn even if you do not mine — this is possible thanks to the referral rewards system. 


If you attract new users, they become your referrals. Then, in case your referral makes a deposit and adds miners, you receive 10% of their daily payment for Hive OS.

Notifications delivered to Telegram or Discord

You are always aware of what’s going on with your workers — the notifications inform you about increased fan speed, overheating, changes in statuses, etc. They can be delivered to Telegram or Discord (or to both of these messengers).

A mobile app

With the Hive OS app, you can easily monitor the condition of your devices from anywhere in the world. 

24/7 support 

The multilingual support team of Hive OS is always ready to help you. Apart from this, you can check guides, step-by-step tutorials, and various mining life hacks on their Medium blog and knowledge base. You can also get help from the community on Telegram.

Hiveon ASIC users get Hive OS for free

Hiveon ASIC is a custom firmware for ASICs with numerous useful features: overclocking, downvolting, antivirus, protection from short circuits caused by manufacturing defects, and so on. If you use it, Hive OS is free for you.

Hiveon Pool 

Hiveon Pool is a pool from Hive OS with the PPS+ payout model. All the transactions are covered. The servers of the pool are located around the world: in North America, Europe, Asia and Russia.

As you can see, Hive OS has a lot of useful features, and its team adds the new ones on a regular basis. This operating system is a great solution for managing and monitoring a mining farm.

Start mining with Hive OS for free for 1 rig.

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