NordFX - Reliable broker with a Long History: Short Review
The cryptocurrency market has been developing rapidly last time. Every day, more and more financial institutions that work in the traditional economic model want to integrate into the digital economy. Against this background, a huge number of new cryptocurrency exchanges appear in the industry. Unfortunately, many projects cannot provide high-quality, inexpensive and, most important, safe service for one or another reason. In this article, we will analyze the NordFX platform and talk more about its services.

The History of NordFX Broker 

To begin with, the NordFX broker has been working since 2008 and during this time it has never been subjected to a hacker attack, which means a high level of security for this site. NordFX has received a large number of various awards over the long years of its work, for example, at the end of April 2019, NordFX was named the “Best Cryptocurrency Broker” according to the reputable international Internet portal FXDailyinfo.

Commissions on the NordFX broker

  1. Commission Maker for limit orders that increase the depth of the market. It is negative and equal to -0.02% of the transaction volume, that is, it is paid to the trader when the order is executed.
  2. Commission Taker for market orders and stop orders that reduce the depth of the market. This commission is the lowest on the market and amounts to 0.09% of the transaction amount.

NordFX Benefits

  • Quick and easy account opening
  • Low spreads
  • Wide range of trading tools
  • Availability of mobile trading
  • Deposit currencies for accounts USD, BTC, ETH

Trading system of NordFX

As you know, cryptocurrencies belong to a rather volatile class of assets, so you can earn in this market not only during a bull trend but also at times when prices decrease. It is worth noting that the NordFX broker is an excellent platform for cryptocurrency trading with a fixed deposit. Last year, a new digital coin trading system was launched at the site. It is a peer-to-peer trading system where customers can trade exclusively with each other. The trading system is completely transparent, that is, each limit order is visible to all bidders. As of the writing of this article, 14 cryptocurrency pairs are available on the NordFX platform, in addition to this, you can trade 4 indexes that unite different groups of cryptocurrencies on the exchange.


NordFX cryptocurrency broker has a longstanding perfect reputation and possesses the lowest fees on the market. There is a rich toolkit for trading on the site, as well as a reliable and transparent trading system.