Global CTB Review – is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

Considering the economic situation nowadays, it is not surprising that people are in search of profitable investment opportunities

People are looking for a financial cushion that can get them through these tough times and secure their future as well. The problem is that finding good investment opportunities in such conditions has become more difficult than ever as the global economy is struggling to keep functioning. The opportunities that do exist are not offering immediate returns, but you need high returns in the short-term. Luckily, there is one such space that does exist even in such conditions and it is none other than the financial markets.

Online trading is one of the biggest global phenomenon that can be found nowadays and there are a ton of trading instruments that can be bought and sold for profits. You have heard of the forex market or the stock exchange market before as well, but probably haven’t paid attention. It is time to start doing so because they can offer the kind of returns you are seeking. Moreover, after the addition of cryptocurrencies to the mix, the online trading space has become even more attractive than ever, as it has opened up doors to massive profits that you couldn’t have imagined before.

The best thing about online trading is that there aren’t any such restrictions that you have to contend with. You don’t need to have any prior education, knowledge or experience to start trading. It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you are located; you can trade from anywhere and just need to be 18 to begin. As long as you have some capital to invest, you are free to choose from trading instruments currencies, stocks, indices and commodities that include energies and precious metals. Cryptocurrencies were added to the mix in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced to the masses by Satoshi Nakamoto.

This digital currency has spanned a complete industry and there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that can be traded these days. There is no denying that Bitcoin is the leader, as it boasts the highest market capitalization, but others have also become successes in their own right. While these enjoyed some notoriety, it wasn’t until 2017 that things began to look up for the crypto space. This was when the market reached its peak and Bitcoin reached its all-time high value of more than $19,000. This was when people were able to make fortunes because of their crypto investment and this prompted others to rush into the space in order to do the same.

Today, the crypto market is a force to be reckoned with and it is on the way to beat 2017’s peak and has already reached new ones. To meet this growing demand for crypto trading, numerous brokerages have been established in the market for providing trading services. These companies work the same way as those that provide trading services to other financial instruments, such as forex and stocks. You cannot start your journey without a broker because they will give you the platform and the tools you need to begin. 

This is where you will encounter a challenge because, while finding a broker is not that difficult, choosing one is a tad complicated. You just need to run a Google search to find the choices and there are a horde of them that you will come across. The problem is that even though all of these will be making big and impressive claims, you cannot just take them at their word. This is due to the fact that the trading world has also seen some fraudulent schemes and platforms and some of these cybercriminals are marauding as brokerages in order to lure in victims.



No one wants to opt for a shady broker, as it exposes them to a great deal of risk and in order to ensure you don’t make this mistake, you have to be thorough in your homework. There are questions you need to ask about them in order to determine if they fall under the reliable category or not. Founded in 2016, Global CTB is one of the brokers you will find and it is providing its services to traders from different corners of the world and from every skill level. It hasn’t taken them long to develop a positive reputation because the company was formed by former traders, which has helped them in devising a trading solution that eliminates most of the problems people have to face.

Regardless, you still need to ask some questions about Global CTB in order to confirm if they are a suitable option for you or not. What are the questions that you should ask? You can find out below:

Broker  Global CTB
Trading Accounts 6 Account Types; Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, PRO and VIP
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Risk Management Tools, Price Alerts and Trading Signals
Education and Training Yes; free market research, Trading Academy, Webinars, Tutorials, E-books, Sessions with Market Analyst
Customer Support 24/6 through live chat, online contact form, email and phone number
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent Company Global CTB

What is their regulatory status? 

Starting out with the regulatory status of a broker when you begin your investigation into their offerings is a wise move. You shouldn’t choose a company when you cannot determine their regulatory status because unregulated brokers are a big risk. They are not regulated by any authority, which means they don’t comply with proper policies and measures that can put you at risk. Moreover, most of the scams and frauds are unregulated, as they are able to get away with anything, whereas regulated companies are properly monitored by a renowned financial authority and follow high standards of security and transparency.

For a company to be regulated, they have to meet certain requirements, such as their security policies, pricing tactics, operating measures and their capital requirements. Global CTB has complied with all of these because it is a regulated broker, indicating that they do not exploit their clients and provide fair trading services to everyone. If you have any doubts about their regulation, you can find the certificate on their website and can verify it for your own peace of mind. They have complied with all regulatory rules and requirements and are transparent with their clients, to deliver them a safe and hassle-free trading experience. 

What security measures are used? 

These days, people have begun to prioritize the security protocols of any online service they use because in the last decade alone, cyberattacks have surged significantly. There have been multiple incidents where people have had their information and their funds stolen and you don’t want the same to happen to you. It is important to know what security measures are being used by a broker because you have to entrust them with your personal information and also hand your funds over to them. If their security is not up to the mark, it will result in your information falling into the wrong hands and your hard-earned money being stolen. 

These are consequences you want to avoid and it can only happen if the broker is proactive about security and doesn’t take it lightly. As Global CTB is a regulated broker, it is understood that they are quite serious about the security measures on their platform. Their aim is to provide a safe trading environment where their clients can trade with full peace of mind and with no constant worries about their funds and information. They have mitigated the security risks by opting for advanced 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for all data and communications with their clients. This encryption immediately conceals all information that’s shared by those using their services. 

Hence, even if their network is compromised by cybercriminals, they will not be able to misuse the information, as it will be encrypted and will not make any sense to them. Apart from that, Global CTB has also opted to follow the KYC and AML security policies. These are known as Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundering policies, which verify the identity and residence of every trader signing up on their platform. This is because these policies are used for preventing financial crimes, such as terrorist financing, money laundering and financial fraud. 

Also, they can be quite effective in minimizing the risk of identity theft. To comply with these policies, traders are requested to provide the following:

A government-issued identity card, driver’s license or passport is needed for verification of identity. You should make sure it is not expired.

A utility bill, which can be gas, electricity or water, or a bank statement, showing name and address is required for verification of address. It should not be more than three months old.

Bear in mind that if you intend to use your credit or debit card for making your payments on Global CTB’s platform, then you will be required to submit a front and back photograph of the card in question. You can conceal the front digits of the card, with the exception of the last four, and hide the CVV on the back when you send in the pictures. Other than these security measures, you will also discover that segregated accounts are maintained by Global CTB for its clients. This means that all client accounts are kept separated with leading financial institutions. 

No company funds are mixed with traders’ deposits, so the latter are only used for trading activities and nothing else. In the event Global CTB goes bankrupt or shuts down its services, the funds are returned to the traders. Strong firewalls have also been implemented on their website for reducing the risk of an attack and they constantly monitor and upgrade to close any loopholes that can be exploited.

What kind of trading platform is provided?

As stated above, brokers are integral to the trading process and this is because they provide you the tool you need to actually trade in the financial markets. Have you ever thought about how you will connect to the market? It is through the trading platform that’s provided by the company you choose. This software comes with trading features and tools and it can vary from broker to broker because there is no set standard to follow here. Every company is free to provide the kind of platform they prefer, which means you need to know exactly what you are getting into before you make your final choice.

Since you will spend most of your time using this trading platform, you have to ensure it is capable of doing the job it is meant for. No broker is going to tell you that their platform has any holes or that it breaks down. It is your job to determine how good their software really is. As far as Global CTB is concerned, you will come to know that they have developed a proprietary web trading platform for their clients. Unlike a desktop platform, this one doesn’t have to be downloaded, which saves traders from having to worry about its installation. 

Also, a web trading platform is a lot more flexible because it is not restricted to the device it is downloaded on. As it is not downloaded and is accessed through the browser, it can function on any device that has a web browser. You can use Global CTB’s platform on a laptop, a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, as per your preference. This is quite convenient because it gives you the freedom to trade from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, just because it is not a desktop trading platform doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the right technology or is lacking in any way.

Global CTB has used innovative and powerful technology for developing their web trading platform, yet you will discover that it is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive and simple interface. Even if you have no prior trading experience or knowledge, you will be able to use the platform without any learning curve. It is extremely easy to navigate and the dashboard has been equipped with some of the most sophisticated trading tools that can work wonders for your overall trading experience. They provide one-click trading, along with speedy trade execution, ensuring that you can take advantage of all price movements.

Apart from that, you can stay updated with the latest market news and trends, get custom indicators, market analysis, live charts and advanced trading signals that can help you in making your trading decisions. 

What account options are provided? 

Opening an account is necessary to be able to use a broker’s services and most companies offer several options to choose from. This is particularly true for those who are catering to traders of different risk tolerances, trading styles, backgrounds and levels. Since their requirements can be different, brokers have to come up with account options that offer access to different features and have varied deposit requirements. With Global CTB, things are a bit different because once you go over their options, you will find that they have chosen to add a lot more variety than others in the market. 

Most companies offer three choices, one for beginners, one for intermediate traders and last for experts and professionals. But, with Global CTB, six choices are available, which gives traders more room to find an account that can fulfill their needs. These account options are:

Basic Account: As the name indicates, this account has been developed with the simplest features on the platform as it is for those who are fresh into the market. Therefore, the deposit needed for opening this account is no more than $250, since it is affordable for them. They are provided a 30% welcome bonus as an incentive to trade and they receive price alerts, daily market review and 24/6 customer support. Also, they can polish their knowledge and skills by accessing the education center and also attend PRO webinars for more information.

Beginner Account: Traders who are not complete novices, but are still not skilled can go with this account option. The deposit requirement for this one starts at $10,000 and a welcome bonus of 40% is given to traders. Also, they can get a junior manager who can assist them in making their trades.

Medium Account: If you are an intermediate trader, you will find the Medium account at Global CTB a good option. It can be opened by depositing a sum of $25,000 and you will be able to take advantage of a welcome bonus of 60%. Since you have a bigger trading portfolio now, a senior account manager is considered more appropriate.

Advanced Account: The name of this account is rather self-explanatory, so only advanced and skilled traders should choose this option. It needs a deposit of at least $50,000 to be opened and traders will be able to enjoy a welcome bonus of 70% here. Furthermore, they can tap into the expertise and knowledge of a VIP account manager under this option.

Pro Account: The fifth account option that you will discover on Global CTB is meant for professional traders and they are asked to deposit a minimum amount of $100,000 to open this account. They are provided the highest welcome bonus at 80% and can access features of all the four accounts mentioned above without any hassle.

VIP Account: The final account type that can be found is known as VIP and it is exactly what it sounds like. This is a special account that has been put together for traders who meet a specific criteria. They have to be truly VIP to qualify for this account and cannot just sign up for it directly. You can discuss the requirements with your account manager and they will guide you on how to meet them in order to open this account. 

What payment solutions are given? 

After you have gone over the account options mentioned above and made your decision, you will need to meet the minimum deposit requirements. The question is how can you make your deposits? You have to consider the payment solutions that a broker provides because the same will also be used later on for making a withdrawal after you have made some profits. Global CTB is aware that traders want to have secure methods, but also don’t want to compromise on convenience and speed. Thus, they have added a range of solutions that their clients can explore. 

You have the chance of opting for the traditional route, which involves using bank wire transfer to add funds to your account on Global CTB or to withdraw them. This option may take some time, but it is secure. You can also go with debit and credit cards, which include Visa, Maestro and MasterCard. These are relatively quick as well as convenient for everyone. Moreover, you will also find e-wallets available on the platform, such as Skrill and Neteller, which are quite fast and can be used from the comfort of your home. 

An important thing to know about Global CTB is that they don’t charge their clients for any deposits or withdrawals, thereby allowing you to keep trading costs low. But, there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $100 and $20 charges are incurred if you opt for a bank wire transfer. Plus, you also need to comply with the KYC and AML requirements mentioned above in order to be able to make transactions via the broker. 

The answers to these questions indicate that Global CTB has proven to be quite thorough when formulating their trading services. Along with the services mentioned above, they have also dedicated themselves to providing traders with in-depth educational resources that can help them improve their skills and knowledge. They can also get excellent trading conditions as well as tools and Global CTB offers reliable and robust customer support to deliver a powerful trading experience.


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