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The functions such as CFDs and encrypted payments provided by SquaredFinancial have now reached a relatively mature level, and investors can also obtain relevant information on stocks through it before investing.

Products: SquaredFinancial is a global investment portal to access a wide range of financial products and services. Choose from more than 10,000 trading products, including but not limited to various stocks, foreign exchange, indices, energy, cryptocurrencies, and more.

SquaredFinancial's foreign exchange business can make two-way bids, and can always observe the rise and fall of foreign currency exchange rates. With the help of the platform, investors can trade currency pairs under the most favorable conditions. Five days a week, 24 hours a day can be connected with the bank. Once you have favorable information on a currency pair, you can start trading right away.

CFDs help investors effectively

1. Use of CFDs

Investors can conduct stock CFD business on SquaredFinancial. After all, today's stock market is high risk with high return. Once the market situation changes, assets will suffer a lot of losses. The 5% margin payment method of CFDs allows investors to conduct large-scale transactions at very little cost, and can diversify their investments to trade various stocks, indices and currency pairs . When the market trend is not good, they can Reduce the loss of principal. However, when the leverage is too high, investors may incur large losses or even lose all the principal, so investment must be cautious.


2. Risk Diversification of Index CFDs

Similar to ordinary CFDs, the available index CFDs provided by SquaredFinancial have similar risk diversification functions, but the actual transactions are global indices such as the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq index. When trading indices in the form of CFDs, It mainly depends on the performance of the global market and is not affected by the single market.


Security + Support: Protecting Investor Assets from Online Hackers

In response to the frequent occurrence of hackers forging false accounts and fraud in recent years, the measures for security protection of transaction currencies have also gone further. SquaredFinancial's support for encrypted payment functions can ensure the safety of investors' assets, but encrypted payments also have certain volatility. Use with caution.

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