Bitcoin Faucets: What Is It and How Much You Can Earn?
There are absolutely free ways to get cryptocurrencies. In this article we will consider this type of earnings in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin faucets, we will learn the principle of their work and find out the most important thing - how much can a beginner earn, who doesn’t understand anything in cryptocurrencies?

1. What are Bitcoin faucets?

These are the services via anyone can earn Bitcoin without any investments, to be precise Satoshi, that is just one hundred millionth part of one coin. For this end you need to perform just some basic actions. The service independently sets tasks and frequency of their implementation. For example, some of them can be done not more than once every 20/30/60 minutes, etc.

2. What you have to do to operate on Bitcoin faucets?

The idea of such earnings is not new, moreover, it is older than Bitcoin itself. Back in the early and mid-2000s, there were popular resources where you could earn some money by performing simple tasks (surfing, entering captchas, etc.) in the Internet. Thus, Bitcoin faucets are differ only by the fact that they pay for such work in cryptocurrency.

The most common paid tasks:

  • transition to various sites;
  • viewing promotional advertising videos;
  • participation in online surveys;
  • entering captchas;
  • ad clicks on banners.
Within the boundlessness of the world wide web, you can also find  automatic faucets, which are the services that do not require any participation of users. The registration on their websites is required  for such services. Some services may continue to charge Satoshi to their users even when the computer is turned off. We want to remind you:

3. What is a Bitcoin faucet rotator?

The main problem of earning with the help of Bitcoin faucets is its scantiness. For example, on one of faucet you can earn only a few US dollars per month ($ 5 - $ 10). In order to increase the profit from this occupation, rotators for Bitcoin faucets were invented. These are the special services, where dozens of BTC faucets are сoncentrated. Thus, all the tasks can be performed at once in one place and the earned funds come centrally to one wallet. They are so called multi Bitcoin faucets. For the people, who want to earn extra dozens of dollars per month, such services are a real salvation, because they save a lot of time (searching for faucets, registering on each one and withdrawing money from different places).

There are two types of rotators:

  • Discrete. The reward is given after a certain period of time. In different rotators it can vary, it may vary from a couple of minutes to several days.
  • Contributory. In such services the reward may increase even when the user is offline, and then can be accrued automatically.

4. How to choose a correct Bitcoin faucet?

Before registering in a particular service, first of all you need to know more about it. The fact is that in the Internet there are a certain number of fraudulent Bitcoin faucets that simply do not pay rewards to their users. In order not to take the bait of scammers, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Feedbacks in the Internet. It is very important to search for the  reference of a particular Bitcoin faucet exclusively on “live” forums with real branches.
  • Working hours. It is worth to pay attention to the services that have been successfully operating for at least more than 6 months.
  • The level of paymment. If some unknown Bitcoin faucet promise to earn a $100 per month or even more, then this is most likely a fraud.

5. The list of top Bitcoin faucets in 2018

We present to you the top list of Bitcoin faucets in 2018, which pay their users.
  1. The user must enter captcha once, every 60 minutes. A reward is credited to the wallet once a week.
  2. Users are rewarded for watching promotional videos. Recently, the service began to introduce daily payments and other bonuses.
  3. This Bitcoin faucet differs by one of the most intuitive interfaces on the market. There are a large number of sites in the catalog (as at September, 2018 there are 63 of them) for pay-per-view.
  4. This service is based on the quite popular in the past, format of mailing and lookups of the links.
  5. The peculiarity of this faucet probably lies in the simplest procedure of registration, which does not even require checking email.
Bitcoin faucets are a good tool for inspection of cryptocurrencies. This type of activity is suitable solely for students, since it is not possible to earn a decent amount of coins in this field. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: