Review of Nano Cryptocurrency
While many digital money makers are still looking for something to hold on to  during the next storm because of the precarious situation of the cryptocurrency market. Nano cryptocurrency has long ago solved this problem so that the unsteady situation would not cause much more problems with scalability.

What is Nano cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Nano is a decentralized platform, which provides the ability to carry out transactions in cash only. In other words, this currency is narrow-profile, due to this fact it has the most perfect system, designed for transactional operations.

Who is the creator of Nano cryptocurrency?

The main developer of the progressive digital currency Nano is Colin Le Maiet. When creating the currency, he  faced two tasks that required a binding solution to come up with something more unique than predecessors’, namely:
  • it was necessary to understand how to set up a digital currency network, since it is not capable of performing instant transactions due to the generation of a block, which is a time-consuming exercise;
  • as for cryptocurrency, there is no difference which block it is created on, all the same, each transaction with it has commission.

Nano cryptocurrency news

The unique currency is of interest to the media no less than well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum. All the news around Nano justify both advantages:
  • the block size is characterized by the absence of issues;
  • the protocol is easily accessible;
  • the network node is launched for free;
  • one UDP packet lets through only one transaction;
  • the data is processed independently;
  • transactions are instantaneous;
  • you can log onto the account at any time.
And disadvantages of Nano:
  • bank transfers are not supported
  • customer support centers are not working well;
  • an incomprehensible interface for beginners;
  • it does not provide for working with fiat funds.

Nano cryptocurrency predictions for 2018

Considering the merits of the cryptocurrency, which also makes it special on the market, it has a well-founded perspective. Experts suggest that its cost will increase to $50 by the middle of 2018, and by the end of the year it will cost $100. All this indicates that Nano coin will stay in the market for a long time, and its rate will grow.

Nano cryptocurrency wallet

Nano holders are provided with two electronic wallets for its storage:
  • the official one, which was launched by developers of the digital currency immediately after its release;
  • the updated version, which is called the beta version.
The developers are planning to create a new stable functioning wallet. Moreover, those who have a decent investment portfolio are recommended  a more convenient and safe way of storing Nano, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 standard tokens - the cold wallet Ledger Nano S.

Mining of Nano cryptocurrency

To the great regret of miners, this cryptocurrency can not be obtained with the help of mining. The only way to become its holder is to buy it. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: