Top-5 Ways to Get Bitcoin for Free

Everyone who dreams to win a big jackpot on the methods of modern earnings should know about cryptocurrency, namely about the well-known Bitcoin. However, if you are here, then you are already aware that the digital currency is gradually capturing the economic segment and displacing the currency, reducing its value every day. This phenomenon has an explanation, but it is not what we will focus on now. How to become a part of the cryptocurrency world? Of course, the first step is to buy cryptocurrency, best of all, bitcoin. What is left do to for those who can not afford such a luxury? How to get it for free? And is this possible in reality? To address these issues, The Coin Shark will talk about five effective and, most importantly, free of charge ways which will help you replenish the personal digital wallet with the world's first cryptocurrency. 1st way: Bitcoin faucets  There are many opinions concerning Bitcoin faucets: some holders of digital coins respond positively, others have negative comments. The fact is that this is really a working method, but you will not earn a lot on it. Get ready to receive only about 50 cents a day. Bitcoin faucets are the sites where, having preliminarily entered the address of a Bitcoin wallet or email, a reward is given for the solution of the captcha. The reward comes in the form of the smallest part of Bitcoin, Satoshi. Also, there are enough other faucets on the Internet disguised as a variety of games, but they have the same essence everywhere: you typed captcha and received Satoshi. You can solve the captcha using the program or manual input. Only you decide which option to choose. However, there is no difference! At first glance it seems that it is more optimal to choose the software method. You launch the software, sit and watch Satoshi being accrued. In fact, everything is not so simple, since scripts that unravel the captcha are unstable in their work and require constant administration. 2nd way: Cloud mining Mining cryptocurrency is not necessarily performed with the help of own equipment, which is not a cheap thing. Today it is enough to rent computer capacities, which can be done on specialized sites. In order to attract new users, some sites give the power for free for a trial period. 3rd way: Play on the BTC difference Despite the fact that Bitcoin is the world's first cryptocurrency, which is very popular, it has been showing an unstable situation over the past few months. For example, in December of 2017 the cost of Bitcoin jumped to a record value of almost 20 thousand dollars. After that, in February of 2018 the currency could not overcome the mark of 7 thousand US dollars. In March of the same year, BTC pleased its holders a bit, passing the price point of 11 thousand US dollars. Thus, those, who bought Bitcoin before its record take-off at a significantly lower cost and sold it in December of 2017, earned a considerable sum on this difference. Let's note once again that the cryptocurrency market has been unstable lately, therefore it is very difficult to anticipate the growth and decrease in prices of digital currencies without expert opinion. This method is also more expensive than the previous two, because it requires a good initial capital in order to buy BTC. 4th way: Investing Bitcoin into its creation This method is not only costly, but also complex in implementation. However, it guarantees piles of money with a good development of events. The essence lies in the following: you purchase mining equipment and rent it. You get 80% of the income under the contract from such a deal. 5th way: Independent mining, Bitcoin production The method is quite demanding. It requires purchasing a video card, processor, network card, fans and other components. Moreover, it requires special software, which is pretty pricey as well. In other words, you are building your own mining farm. Let's take into account that one video card will not be enough, there will be a lot of problems. If you have other errands to run, then we recommend going back to the previous method which is investing, since this is a more passive way to earn Bitcoins. Conclusion: Which way to choose? First of all, pursuing freebies, you should understand that free cheese can be found only in a mousetrap. But still, free Bitcoins is the most real reality. It all depends on how urgently you need them. Of course, you need to pay more for urgency. If you have time to wait, then you can do without additional costs. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: