Representatives of Monero Did Not Confirm the Fact of the Attack on the Network
For the last couple of days users of social networks have been sending a lot of reports with complaints that the operation on the blockchain platform Monero and synchronization of nodes are malfunctioning. Individual users compare it to the April hard fork, which was necessary to build up resistance to ASIC-miners. In addition to counteraction, such measures have caused some bugs in many social networks. The reason for the vulnerability to the attack of double expenditure was the reorganization of the blockchain network, up to 21 blocks. However, the developer of Monero Riccardo Spagni assures that the reorganization could not disrupt the network in any way. Transactional operations are accompanied by bugs due to incorrect synchronization, he reports. Moreover, he stressed that the current situation caused a storm of unreasonable unrest and the temporary offline status of the site are connected with completely different reasons. Spagni stated that he has no difficulties with working on Monero. We remind you that recently the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced the resumption of operations with Monero (XMR). Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: