Representatives of Blackmoon Crypto Announced The Closure of The Exchange

The small cryptocurrency exchange Blackmoon Crypto, which was focused on the trading of GRAM tokens, announced its closure. Here's what CEO Oleg Seydak commented:

“We came to the conclusion that managing the cryptocurrency exchange in accordance with all current EU regulatory standards, including the Fifth Directive on anti-money-laundering (which is constantly changing and not for the better for the industry), given the unregulated alternatives available on the market, would be inappropriate”.

Some members of the crypto community suggest that the reason is not in the new EU regulation, but in the problems the TON project faced.

Recall that TON is involved in litigation with the main regulator of the United States - the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The project was supposed to be launched no later than October 31, 2019, but in connection with the circumstances, TON management decided to postpone the release for six months, until April 30, 2020. Many experts believe that this deadline will be broken too.

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