Renato Rodriguez a.k.a The South American Satoshi has an interesting take on Blockchain and Coronavirus
Renato Rodriguez, from Guatemala, has been pushing the blockchain agenda amid Coronavirus outbreak, claiming that blockchain could help the world and may serve as an essential tool for our healthcare industry.

"While the world is fighting with a hidden enemy, our researches- medical academia, and private independent citizens are tapping into distributed ledger technologies to find a way to fight COVID-19” – Renato

He claims that the need to implement blockchain technologies is evident as there has been worldwide lockdown that may spark a colossal spike in job loss claims. People still need to have access to medicines while maintaining social distancing. Renato said, ‘We have a German startup that pitches decentralized identity prototype that would help people get the medicines they need while maintaining proper social distance’. With Self-sovereign identity (SSI), it will be easy to manage various attributes that constitute digital ID in a decentralized manner.

The South American Satoshi also suggests that miners should unite and start contributing to institutions that are working day and night to find a cure for the virus.
We would like to add that this has already been happening as the Ethereum miners are now contributing to Stanford University’s [email protected] distributed computing project, which pools GPU power to search for a COVID-19 cure. And if miners around the world unite, then it will speed up the process.

‘’Even the CDC has recognized digital technologies as a critical tool to help fight the pandemic’’. The institution suggested in their blog dated April 6 – that with AI could help early detection of COVID-19 cases or develop vaccines. Renato suggests that AI-powered by blockchain could also help in modelling viral outbreaks and if we set up the Internet of Things, then it would help as a powerful avenue for public health data collection.

He wrote to us the following ways which blockchain could help in the current situation:

- Medical materials supply chain tracking – He said ‘’There has been 1,560 arrests and 31 million fake face masks already seized in 688 cases in China so far’’. With blockchain, there will be a transparent medical supply chain, that will allow the producers, distributors and the customers to have 100% open relationships and 100% genuine product. In these tough times, it is our #1 priority that people get what they deserve, especially essential medical items. 
- Intuitive data tracking tool – Renato suggests taking inspiration from Hashlog data visualization engine. Like Hashlog, developers around the world could help develop data tracking apps that will potentially help hundreds of thousands of researchers, scientists and journalists to quickly understand and follow the spread of the virus. The data recorded cannot be manipulated.
- Crisis Management through Blockchain-powered Platforms – These blockchain-powered platforms could allow governments, medical professionals, health organizations, media, and all the concerned parties to be able to update each other in real-time about the situation and could help in curbing the damage.
- Cross border payments – Especially in these tough times where the government, health organizations and charities are facing issues in the distribution of cross border donations and payment, blockchain can help reduce transaction fees, delay and intermediaries cuts.

About Renato:
Renato hails from Guatemala, is a blockchain expert and fintech advisor. He holds a degree in Systems Engineering and has graduated in Economics from the University Of Los Angeles California, United States.

He has been involved in over 12+ crypto projects, with the aim of ‘making crypto simple’ so that every household understands the concept of digital money and crypto-economics. He is also a crypto philanthropist, helping millions of lives and also making them understand Bitcoin.