Airdrop on Binance: FET Token Holders to Receive MTLX

Crypto-exchange Binance announces distribution of free MTLX tokens for FET holders corresponding to a number of conditions

Airdrop is held from 13.04.2021 (23:59 UTC) to 01.06.2021 (23:59 UTC) with support from and Mettalex. It will take place in 8 stages, at the beginning of which will be made a cast of blockchain.

Free MTLX tokens will be given to FET owners, who will have at least 10,000 tokens at the time of the cast. For every ten thousand FET in the Binance account, one MTLX will be issued.

The blockchain blind will be made once a week. It is very important not to withdraw tokens from the account. After all, to ensure that free MTLX is guaranteed, you need to have an average arithmetic token at the time of each of the 8 casts being at least 10,000 FET.

That is, if at the time of the first cast the user had more than 10,000 FET, and then he brought the tokens or changed to another cryptocurrency, and at the time of the other casts on the wallet will be empty, the average arithmetic for each cast will be 1250 FET, and this does not correspond to the terms of the action.

Here's a simple example of how many tokens you'll get during Airdrop:


Blind time Number of FET tokens on Binance


April 13

10 000


April 20

3 000


April 27

15 000


04 May

20 000


May 11

400 000


May 18

650 000


May 25

15 000


June 1



In this example, we see that the user has both increased and reduced the number of coins on the Binance account. The calculation will be as:

  1. Let's calculate the average arithmetic FET. 10 000 + 3 000 + 15 000 + 20 000 + 400 000 + 650 000 + 15 000 + 0 = 1 113 000/8 = 139 125.
  2. Let's calculate the number of MTLX tokens to be issued. 139 125/10 000 = 13,91 MTLX.

Here are the exact dates of the casts from the blockchain


MTLX tokens will be enough for all participants of the action. On the account of users they will be at the end of the action.

You can buy FET on Binance for BTC, BNB or USDT.

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