Airdrop and Klever (KLV) Trade Competition From Latoken

The KLV token is a base for the ecosystem. This wallet has 1.8 users. Therefore, the airdrop and the trade competition, we are sure, will interest many

The Cryptocurrency Exchange LATOKEN last week added KLV tokens to the listing and announced the launch of Airdrop and the Trade Competition. Users who have completed tasks have the opportunity to earn a good reward.

765,000 KLV allocated for two shares. 700,000 of them will be held at the airdrop, and 65,000 - for the trade competition. To take part in the distribution of tokens, you need to use the Telegram bot, and then just follow the accompanying instructions.

Here are some important rules to follow:

  1. You need to use your account and your LATOKEN account, as the reward will only be credited there. Therefore, if you do not have an account on the stock exchange, you need to register for LATOKEN.
  2. You need to subscribe to the social network KLV and be signed all the time until your address will not be listed tokens. For this, everyone will receive 20 KLV as part of the campaign.
  3. You can invite newcomers who have never been involved in LATOKEN airdrops, and receive 20 tokens for each referral.
  4. Referrals must complete airdrop tasks, download the LATOKEN app or pass KYC-2, otherwise you won't get your 20 tokens.

The competition will last until the tokens allocated for airdrop are finished. Remember, the reward is limited. Complete tasks faster to get ahead of the competition.

The payment of tokens to the account will begin in 5 days after the completion of the Airdrop and will last 14 days. How many prizes each participant will receive will be determined after the blockchain is cast on the last day of the competition at 15:00 (UTC-3).

The exchange reminds that The Airdrop does not work in the United States. Also, each participant can take part in it once. Interested? Come to us on Telegram. In our post we have posted links to Airdrop-bot and the table of the winners of the trade competition.

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Trade competition Klever (KLV)

The competition has already started on April 13 and will last until April 27 (until 12:00 UTC). Traders are encouraged to trade from a minimum of 1000 KLV. The winners of the trade competition will receive a share from 65,000 KLV tokens.

The remuneration will be calculated according to a simple formula:

Here, the total reward (65,000 KLV) is multiplied by the private (result of division) between the square root of the user's trading volume (Vp) and the square root of the total trade volume of all eligible winners (Vall).

The distribution of rewards will take place on April 27 at 16:00 UTC. Only those who have passed the KYS test from level 2 and above will receive the reward.

You can check your result on the LATOKEN page. The winners' table with the volume of trades and the number of KLV tokens it is based on is updated every 5 minutes. So, you can see the results in real time.

Please note that you can find a link to Airdrop-bot and a table with the results of the awards in our Telegram. Click here, join us. We publish a lot of new and interesting!

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