Reddit Launches Five Day Live Test
Reddit company began actively testing a new feature - video streaming, if successful, it will be able to compete with such giants as Twitch and YouTube. Today, the company announced its first broadcast tool called the “Reddit Public Access Network”. It is worth remarking that not every user will be able to stream. Reddit representatives said the company was “incredibly judicious with the rollout of RPAN” and they even developed additional policies specifically for people who would use the new feature. If the content of the video stream usually causes quarantine on the site (a term used by Reddit to mean restricted or hidden content), then it should not appear in the stream. This includes the promotion of ideologies or behaviors that “average redditors may find highly offensive or upsetting, or which promotes hoaxes”. “We are 100 percent committed to making sure that content on RPAN stays safe and Safe for Work,” the blog post reads. “We will be watching RPAN broadcasts very closely.” A test launch of the Reddit open-access network will take place from today to August 23. More detailed information about the criteria and rules for selecting content can be found on the official website of the company.