Qualcomm Will Get $4.5B From Apple As An Apology
The story between Apple and Qualcomm has been a hot topic for several weeks. To understand this situation better we remind you some facts about it. In short, Apple decided to use Qualcomm’s modems (these modems are exclusively used) to launch a first 5G iPhone, but then suddenly changed its mind which brought to a big dispute between these two companies. Apple suddenly decided to apologize for such inconvenience, and this apology is worth of at least $4.5 billion. The agreement was settled in the trial. It has not been for the first time Apple was accused of stealing patents, such news is always a hot topic to talk about. Read this to find more details on the latest accusations. https://thecoinshark.net/apple-accused-of-stealing-patents/ Steve Mollenkopf, the CEO of Qualcomm said:
“We are also pleased to have reached multi-year agreements with Apple and look forward to continuing to support them as a customer.”
If you are a big fan of Apple and you are afraid that such a big sum of money will hurt the company, calm down a bit, CNBC reports that Apple has approximately $225.4 billion of cash on hand alone, so do not worry your favorite company will stay afloat. As for the technical part, such a big sum of money lets Apple finish fights with the chip company and gain the provided services of Qualcomm. Well done, Apple! Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/