Pullback Over? Bitcoin Bounces $600 from $11K Price Support
After a small fall, the price of the main cryptocurrency again pushed off from 11 thousand US dollars. This means that the BTC rate may again come close to the resistance line of 13 thousand US dollars in the near future. Recall that Bitcoin set an annual maximum on June 26, rising to almost 14 thousand dollars in just a few hours, followed by a rollback to 11 thousand. Now BTC is trading in the price range from 11 to 12 thousand US dollars. This is despite the fact that many analysts wrote that the upcoming rollback would be up to 7-9 thousand dollars. That is, it should be assumed that a new powerful line of support for the price of 11 thousand US dollars has been formed on the market and it is most likely, that we will hardly see the lower price. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/bitcoin-price-chart-indicates-oncoming-golden-cross/