Gary Gensler pode se tornar o novo chefe da SEC

Biden's team released information on the distribution of roles in Government. The choice of the newly elected President of the United States means a lot for the cryptocurrency sphere, so the media were actively interested in news on this topic.

After the inauguration on Wednesday, the crypto community was interested in one question - who will become the head of the SEC. There have been hypotheses, but Gary Gensler will be tentatively chairing the Commission.

This was reported back on January 12. The information came from anonymous sources and was published by representatives of the Reuters news agency. Today this information has been confirmed.

Gensler has the requisite experience in running a large government agency. He was head of the CFTC from 2009-2014. He also taught blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gensler is well versed in technology. Therefore, it will be good if the US Senate approves his candidacy.