Francis Suarez vai acelerar a compra de bitcoin para o orçamento de Miami

We have already written that the authorities of the American city of Miami plan to invest some of the money in Bitcoins. Looks like news about Tesla and MrElonPump fueled interest in BTC

Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez decided not to delay with the transformation of the city entrusted to him — a real crypto paradise. There will be everything necessary for the development of startups on the blockchain.

Bitcoin here will rule the ball and it will be issued as a salary, it will be a means of payment. For example, companies will be able to pay taxes with cryptocurrency. So far it is in the future, but the decision to spend some of the reserves on Bitcoin — it's real!

A meeting of the city authorities is scheduled for tomorrow. The decision is sure to be positive. However, it is not yet clear which municipality will be the first to take over the introduction of Bitcoin.

According to Suarez, this is not critical. Now that MrElonPump has bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins, the decision to switch to BTC looks even more profitable.

It would be good to switch to Bitcoin Amazon. This would allow the introduction of cryptocurrencies into e-commerce.