O presidente da Microsoft não é fascinado pelo conceito de criptomoedas

Microsoft President Brad Smith said he was not fascinated by the concept of digital currencies. He said this during an online conference organised by the Bank for International Settlements.

The president of the American tech giant said that their plans are not issue their own cryptocurrency. However, as well as acquisitions of any other, from the existing on the market. Smith added that Government systems are better suited to issuing currencies because they have many times more confidence than private firms that issue digital tokens.

The state, according to the president of Microsoft, to this day remains the only institution capable of guaranteeing support for the cost of fiat and the public interest associated with it. And in case of problems - to solve them, taking responsibility.

Smith stressed that Microsoft is not a bank and has no plans to become one. And even more so to compete with their business customers in the face of banking structures. According to him, the corporation has no similar ambitions in the development of its own business. In addition, the trend for CBDC or digital currencies of central banks is noticeable all over the world. They appear slowly but surely.

Although it is worth noting the fact that many analysts from Wall Street are still not enthusiastic about the experiments of the US Federal Reserve with the CBDC, believing that they strongly force the events on the integration of digital money.

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