CME adiciona futuros Ethereum

The CME exchange (Chicago), which accounts for the bulk of derivatives trading, added futures on Ethereum to the trading

It happened at midnight European time and the futures rate on Ethereum slightly exceeded the exchange rate of Ethereum. If at the time of the opening of trading with a new exchange instrument the rate of ETH was $1664 per ETH, the exchange rate of futures on Ethereum reached $1674 per ETH.

This fact shows the positive mood of market participants. Earlier, the price of the cryptocurrency Ethereum fell to $1500, as traders were waiting for futures. At the moment it is too early to say what impact the new financial instrument will have on the cryptocurrency market.

Earlier, in 2017, the CME exchange appeared futures on Bitcoin. Although they did not arouse much interest among market participants, the fact of the emergence of such financial instruments pointed to the maturity and demand of the main cryptocurrency.

In many ways, it was the emergence of futures and options on Bitcoin that caused the price peak of 2017. The emergence of futures on Ethereum in 2021 shows that the infrastructure of this cryptocurrency has become the second most important in the world after Bitcoin.