Buterin anunciou o primeiro garfo rígido Ethereum 2.0

HF1's challenge is to update The Beacon Chain software and test the system

The main change that will be started after the update is the support of light nodes. Thanks to the minimum resource requirements, nodes can work even on mobile gadgets.

Light node support will be provided through special teams of validators. They are assigned to the system randomly. Their task is to create special signature labels that help to verify the correctness of the chain version.

Also, the improvement will correct the vulnerabilities of the blockchain, reduce the load and punish steakers for inactivity, reduce the likelihood of reorganization attacks. They were detected before Ethereum 2.0 was launched.

However, it was not possible to correct the situation immediately. With the new update, the situation will change for the better. A small number of validators will no longer be able to fall under the control of attackers, and they will not be able to affect the network.

Ethereum developers are busy solving another problem. They think about how to name the first and the rest of the update. So far among the proposals - WoW zones, names of months, stars, planets. You can advise your version))

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