Na Alemanha, as autoridades apreenderam 1.700 BTC

Police in the German city of Kempten are investigating the case of an attacker who mined 1,700 bitcoins on other people's computers

The hacker installed malware on other PCs and mined cryptocurrency. After his arrest, it turned out that his income amounted to more than 60 million in bitcoins.

He was arrested two years ago and has been serving a prison sentence ever since. However, the case is not gathering dust on the shelf. Law enforcement agencies tried to gain access to the cryptocurrency, but nothing came of it.

The attacker does not provide the wallet password. Perhaps he doesn't know him, but it's hard to believe in it. Most likely, there is malice involved. The scammer is just trying to save his money.

Note that this case is not the only one. The fight against hackers and fraudsters is intensifying in Europe. In January, for example, investigative measures were carried out by the police of several countries at once.

As a result, one of the largest markets on the Darknet was closed. Over $170 million in Bitcoin and Monero transactions were carried out through the platform. More than two dozen servers were arrested in Moldova and Ukraine.