Nvidia tornará impossível minerar ETH

The leading manufacturer of graphics cards, Nvidia, is tired of the collapsed demand for products, as well as perpetual complaints from gamers and miners, accusing each other of the devastation of the market

The die is cast!

Nvidia upgrades its RTX 3060 graphics cards and makes ETH production impossible. The installed driver will monitor the PC for mining and block this process, reducing the hashrate by half.

But don't get upset. The desire to make a profit is very strong. Including Nvidia bosses. So they'll launch CMP processors for Ethereum mining.

It is a fully mining-oriented product. It "does not" do graphics, and sharpened under the speed of calculation. Due to this, the company expects that the product will be in demand.

In principle, the desire to distinguish between users of graphics cards by specialising in equipment is a logical solution. Today, when the appetites of miners have increased many times, both groups suffer from the lack of video cards. The distinction will solve this problem!

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