O jogo Blockchain Sorare simbolizou o clube de futebol River Plate

From January, Sorare players can purchase Club Atlético River Plate footballers for their collection. Tokenized NFT objects on the Ethereum blockchain have been added to the game project. This is stated in the press release issued by the developers.

Club Atlético River Plate is the first South American club added to the game. However, the creators of the blockchain project are planning to add other promising teams.

All players added as NFT objects are divided into three levels of rarity. There are cards launched by a hundred pieces, there are those that are launched no more than a dozen, and there are legendary footballers, whose cards are added to the game in a single copy.

About Sorare project

Fantasy football already features famous teams such as Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Their tokenized players are in high demand and are sold for many thousands of dollars in specially organized auctions.

For example, last year, a card with Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé was sold for $65,000. This shows that the crypto gaming industry is in demand and is actively developing.

Gamers can assemble their team, place bets on NFTs, participate in competitions in leagues. Prizes are available for winners in the form of ETH tokens or other NFT objects. Therefore, the game has good for monetization.