O número de carteiras com 1 BTC na conta está crescendo

The number of Bitcoin addresses with 1 BTC or even less is growing rapidly. This can be traced thanks to the Glassnode tracker. According to Glassnode, now the volume of such addresses is 5.20% of the total amount of Bitcoins.

About three years ago, BTC's share at these addresses was 3.97% says Glassnode. That is, during this period it grew by 1.23%. The main cryptocurrency on the market with threatening activity becomes a "huge" asset, but from that no less attractive investment idea for both small and large investors. Most of them, at the same time, are extremely optimistic, which only increases the hope for further growth of addresses with BTC on account.

Today, the number of wallets with 100 or more Bitcoins in the account, according to Glassnode, is 62.6% of the total market supply. At the same time, the number of addresses where 10 to 100 BTC is stored decreased by 56,000 BTC. Whale wallets have also lost 307,000 BTC in recent years.

While "humpback" representatives of the sea crypto world prefer to convert their fortunes into fiat, smaller investors, on the contrary, are happy to use the holding strategy.

In a world where even institutionalists continue to attract the attention of consumers to cryptocurrencies - it is difficult not to give in to temptation. Especially when the opportunity to buy coins introduces such massive services as Visa and MasterCard. Tesla is also unlikely to become the latest car company to allow customers to pay for cars in cryptocurrency equivalent.

Therefore, further we expect even more growth of those on whose wallet will be stored at least one cherished "orange" coin or part of it.

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