Hester Pierce: Para quem é o Bitcoin ETP?

Commissioner Peirce, often referred to as a crypto-mother, recently gave an interesting interview. In it, she admitted that the market is well warmed up and quite ready for bitcoin-ETP

Moreover, it is high time to start trading in regulated cryptospace. Otherwise, the lion's share of demand existing in the cryptosphere will go into an unregulated zone.

Crypto-mother believes that it is possible and necessary to release bitcoin-ETP. After all, if you do not give people what they want, users of the cryptosphere will find workarounds and engage in riskier investments.

In her interview, the commissioner also admitted that she does not consider cryptocurrencies dangerous. They are no more dangerous in terms of financing terrorism than any other asset.

Today, when many large companies have entered the market, cryptocurrencies are more efficient and profitable than before. The Government's position should therefore be more positive.

Peirce expects that the new head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, after the successful approval of his candidacy by the Senate will be able to clarify the policy and regulation of cryptocurrencies. It will benefit everyone, both users and the state. Subscribe to our Telegram and social networks to be the first to know the news of cryptocurrencies!