O Pornhub é compatível com XRP, DOGE, BNB e USDC

The famous adult video site has introduced support for four additional cryptocurrencies. Now you can pay for your entertainment with XRP, DOGE, BNB and USDC

Pornhub accepts 16 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the developers are satisfied with the payment in XRP. This coin became a real outcast after its creators were accused of illegal distribution of securities worth over $1.3 billion.

More than a dozen exchanges readily removed the cryptocurrency from the listing, due to which the coin dropped significantly in value. Therefore, any support, from the Japanese government or Pornhub, is very beneficial for Ripple.

The stablecoin USDC was added in December. Then DOGE and BNB coins were connected to the payment instruments. Now you can pay for premium access to the site with sixteen cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of the year, it was also revealed that Pornhub had stopped accepting Dash and PumaPay.