NewEgg marcou DogeDay adicionando o token como pagamento de compras

Today, DogeDay 420 - the day when investors and fans of the DOGE cryptocurrency are celebrating and intending to fulfill their main dream - the flight of cryptocurrency from the current values ​​of $0.39 on Binance to a record high of $1. Considering that over the past 7 days the token has added more than 400% in value this goal no longer looks so naive.

In addition, today one of the American retailers, NewEgg, has made payment in this cryptocurrency available for its customers. Previously, NewEgg has already flashed in the news in 2014, as one of the first online stores that began to accept Bitcoins for payment of goods. For payment, the company cooperates with the BitPay crypto transaction processing service. Just a month ago, it started supporting DOGE.

According to NewEgg management, it is difficult to ignore the hype around the "dog" token, and its recent growth has only confirmed the need to provide customers with the opportunity to make purchases using a comic cryptocurrency.

Interest in Dogecoin is growing steadily. And while some experts argue that this coin is a “cheat” and a “bubble”, today the dog token is among the favorites of crypto enthusiasts and has risen from 10th place on CoinMarketCap to an honorable 5th. Keep your finger on the pulse, because fans seriously intend to take off with Dogecoin, if not until the moon, then at least up to $1!

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