Musk aumenta novamente o preço do DOGE

Tesla CEO's Twitter account recently announced that SpaceX will send Dogecoin to the moon

It is not known for certain what Elon Musk wanted to say. Most likely, he just maintains a conversation with his many subscribers and fans. However, he once again arranged Dogecoin, a real to the moon.

DOGE is one of the few cryptocurrencies whose price depends on good news. That's why traders reacted quickly to Musk's tweet. The cost of tokens after the announcement of the head of Tesla increased by 18%. So far, it's a long way to $1, but the community isn't discouraged.

Dogecoin was created in 2013. Initially, it was a joke. However, over time, DOGE has a lot of admirers. Including celebrities. Among them are Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg.

Their posts made Dogecoin the most popular cryptocurrency on Twitter. The trend lasts 2-3 months. Let's see what happens next.

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