Dogecoin atinge $ 0,40 novamente em notícias da eToro

The Dogecoin crypto has installed a new ATH at $0.4377. A few weeks of consolidation are behind us. During the week the price of cryptocurrency increased by 62%

Analysts say that the new rise of the crypto is associated with the addition of it as a means of payment to eToro. The app has 20 million customers, so DOGE has experienced a real uplift.



The growth of the crypto began in 2021 at the end of February. The Musks and celebrities tweets contributed to this. For a couple of months the price of cryptocurrency has increased by 600%. Now the crypto is more in terms of capitalisation than Twitter and Ford.

It is accepted at Nissan dealerships. It was endorsed by Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Elon Musk last week also spurred the growth of DOGE. He said he plans to launch the comedy show Dogefather next Saturday.

This means that more people will learn about DOGE. This will revive the audience of the cryptocurrency and increase the demand for the coin. The $1 target will get even closer.

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