Prisons in China Will be Equipped with Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Escapes
Prisons in China will soon be equipped with a special neural network that will collect information about prisoners' activity. According to the developers, this innovation eliminates the possibility of escape. A smart system will be built into the video surveillance system, through which prison staff will be able to quickly find out about any non-typical behavior of prisoners. The company Tiandy has developed a smart tracking system that can monitor the activity of more than 200 people in real time. The first prison in which this neural network will be installed is the Penitentiary Yancheng, where political prisoners are serving sentences. According to the source, the installation of the smart video surveillance system itself is already finished, now the last preparatory procedures are underway before launch. The neural network will acquire a face recognition system and many other tracking sensors. It should be noted that people serving sentences in Yancheng Prison will be carried out round the clock surveillance, but only in open areas (dining room, exercise yard, gym, etc.). The main task of artificial intelligence is to collect a daily report and form the behavior of prisoners. The neural network should instantly recognize non-standard behavior, as well as an attempt to establish communication with a prison officer. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: