Rules for drafting a good cover letter

Principles of resume writing

Don't exaggerate or embellish your work experience, skills, accomplishments and other information, including age. Any deception will become apparent sooner or later, such as when you encounter a job and can't handle it. A resume should be honest and truthful.

I was looking for a job as an internet marketer and found an entry-level position. At the time, I was just graduating from an internet marketing course and didn't have the right experience. I applied for the job, and in my cover letter writing I described my skills and knowledge and backed them up with references to the homework I had completed on the course. I also wrote that I had no real work experience. Despite this, I did get accepted and was supervised for the first time to make sure I was doing everything right.

The information in the resume should be selective, that is aimed at a specific goal - to get a job for a specific position. So, if applying for an accounting position, the resume should contain information about achievements, work experience and education in accounting. If you are applying for an editorial position in an accounting publication, create a second resume for an editorial position and describe both your accounting and editorial experience.

A resume is a first impression

A good resume helps pass the first step in the selection process. I can tell you from experience that if the inbound flow of candidates is large - and it will be if the employer's brand is promoted in the marketplace - a well-crafted resume will get you through the first funnel of candidate screening.

Before you write your resume, research the market. Look at supply and demand to determine your expectations and the competitive environment in your area.

When writing your resume, don't describe your entire life experience. This is the most common mistake I encounter. You need to understand the difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume.

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