lifecell and WhiteBIT bring blockchain to life

The first Bitcoins and bonus gigabytes: lifecell and WhiteBIT are introducing blockchain technology to the daily life of Ukrainian people.

The primary purpose of the partnership between lifecell and WhiteBIT is to create a product that will help Ukrainians recognize the benefits of digital assets over traditional finance. The companies want to make crypto an essential part of the country’s life. 

Soon, lifecell subscribers, who used their number to sign up on WhiteBIT, will be granted unlimited access to the exchange’s website and an app. During the BlockchainUA conference, Vladimir Nosov, the CEO of WhiteBIT, stated that the work in that direction had already started. 

For now, the details regarding all technologies are in secret.

Those lifecell subscribers who participated in the activity from the 1st of December, 2021 to the 31st of December, 2022 will get an additional 5 GB to their monthly service package.

Besides, in cooperation with WhiteBIT, the mobile operator will reward subscribers who have signed up on the exchange with extra minutes, megabytes, and messages for 4 weeks:

  • Bitcoin purchases for 200 UAH grant users additional 10 GB;
  • Bitcoin purchases for 500 UAH grant users extra 500 minutes for calls within Ukraine, 50 SMS, and 20 GB;
  • Bitcoin purchases for 1000 UAH grant users additional 1000 minutes for calls within Ukraine, 100 SMS, and 50 GB.

One of Ukraine’s largest mobile operators, lifecell, has been introducing new technology in the country over the years. Today, the company focuses on fintech services and the implementation of blockchain in its products. In November, lifecell agreed a partnership with WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. The company is a leading blockchain developer in Ukraine. Besides, WhiteBIT is prominent in global crypto rankings. 

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