President Donald Trump Believes That the Recession of the Stock Market Is Just a “Glitch”

The current President of the United States has surprised the world with his eccentric and sometimes illogical statements on multiple occasions, and this time was no exception. Donald Trump claimed that the downward trend happening at the stock market right now is only a glitch and it will soon be fixed.

We had a little glitch in the stock market last month. We need a little help from the Fed … but we’re going to be good. The trade deals are kicking in,” the President said.

This was tweeted about by the editor of Reuters, who works directly in the White House.

Trump is sure that the situation on the stock market will change after the US concludes more trade deals, especially with China. However, it seems highly unlikely, taking into consideration the wave of mutual sanctions between the countries.

He also demanded that the Federal Reserve should take care of the problem.

Meanwhile, most financial experts name quite different reasons for the market recession, none of them including the infamous “glitch”.

The Twitter community reacted to Trump quite harshly. They started calling all of his actions and words a glitch.

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