Pornhub’s Main Crypto Partner PumaPay Aims to Decentralize the Global Payment System

The crypto payment solution based on the distributed ledger technology PumaPay is collaborating with another payment system MenaPay in order to decentralize and speed up digital payment processes all over the world.

The two platform share alike ideas: both of them want to provide companies with a possibility to accept crypto payments, which is a quick, safe and easy way to receive payment for goods and services.

The CEO of PumaPay commented on the cooperation by saying:

PumaPay and MenaPay both share the values of decentralization, disintermediation and increased the convenience of daily payment.

One of the most famous clients of PumaPay is the adult entertainment site Pornhub. We remind you:

Pornhub Now Accepts Payments in Cryptocurrency via PumaPay Service

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