Popular CamScanner App Infects About 100 Million Smartphones
Google has determined that a popular Android application CamScanner PDF creator installed a virus. The search giant has responded to massive complaints and removed the dangerous application, which is currently installed on 100 million smartphones around the world, some of which turned out to be infected with malware. CamScanner was developed by Shanghai company CC Intelligence. The company specializes in optical character recognition. In addition to the CamScanner application with text recognition, it also sells applications that scan and digitize text from business cards, including CamCard and CamCard for Salesforce. The company relied on advertising and in-app purchases to generate revenue from CamScanner. However, according to researchers from the Kaspersky antivirus company, the latest versions of the application included a new ad library that contained a virus intended to deliver malware to Android devices. Security experts point out that "malicious code can display intrusive ads and subscribe users to paid subscriptions." Currently, the application is not available in the Google Play store, while the corresponding version of iOS is still available in the Apple App Store - iPhone also remains at risk.