York University Launches Blockchain Education Courses in Canada

York University, located in Toronto, announced the launch of two new blockchain technology education programs.

Blockchain Education Trends in Canada

The courses have been launched due to the growing demand for blockchain specialists both around the world and in Canada. In Toronto, in just two years, the demand for decentralised registry developers has quadrupled.

The short course will take place in an online format, and a full-fledged program for graduate students will also begin with online broadcasts, but will soon be able to transfer to the university campus. Both programs are aimed at gaining new knowledge in this area and replenishing the portfolio of future specialists with new cases.

The impact of coronavirus on the blockchain labor market

At the moment, representatives of the university have not yet talked about the disciplines and the duration of the courses, but the acceptance of applications from interested persons has already begun. According to the university’s appeal, the COVID-19 pandemic increased demand for blockchain industry professionals.

The demand for blockchain specialists is growing worldwide

Understanding the principles of the blockchain and the ability to implement commercial projects on a decentralised registry are becoming important and sought-after skills in the modern world. For example, the US Department of Homeland Security considers blockchain industry workers to be critical to modern infrastructure. Also, the Ministry of Human Resources of China officially recognised the specialties associated with this industry.

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