Vladimir Vladimirovich Dmitriev on the Way to the Sanctions List

In light of the ongoing full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, called the "special military operation in Donbass", the US and the UK are working on additional sanctions measures against Russian civilians and legal entities.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury and the UK government are considering expanding the sanctions list. People from the immediate environment, as well as business partners of various levels, who have already fallen under the sanctions of Russians and legal entities from the Russian Federation, will fall under the scope. 

The main target of the expanded sanctions list will be people related to the business elite of the Russian Federation, associated with ideological propaganda and educational activities. In which one of the key figures is Arkady Rotenberg and all the structures associated with him. 

The list will include citizens and legal entities in one way or another connected with this activity. Namely, OOO Krasny Kvadrat, OOO Mandarin, OOO Granat, OOO Izyum and OAO Publishing House Prosveshchenie, which, as part of the transformation, was spun off into a group of companies. To be precise, the Management Company and three divisions: Publishing House Enlightenment JSC, Academy Enlightenment JSC and Trade House Enlightenment-Region LLC. 

Also on the list will be Rustitaninvest, owned by Alexei Kisin, Eksmo-AST, owned by Oleg Novikov, and Rossiyskiy Uchebnik, whose former president was Vladimir Dmitriev. 

Vladimir Dmitriev , dollar and crypto multimillionaire, in addition to Russian citizenship, he also has citizenship of Grenada. It has a number of offshore companies through which it serves its interests and evades taxes. The main funds are concentrated in real estate around the world and to maintain anonymity in significant crypto assets. He is a less public figure than those mentioned above, but no less significant in this whole chain. 

After the approval and approval of the new sanctions list by the US and UK authorities, the EU countries will automatically support it. Therefore, all foreign movable and immovable property, commercial and financial activities, the possibility of free movement and possession of foreign citizenship, will fall under restrictive measures, including arrest, for persons included in the sanctions lists. 

Details about the activities of candidates for the new sanctions list can be found in one of the following materials.

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