Ukrainian Can Get 20 Years In Jail in the USA For Money Laundering

A New York man Vitaliy Antonenko, a citizen of Ukraine, can get a prison term of 20 years for laundering $94 million through Bitcoin, the official website of the US Attorney's Office informs.

Data theft and laundering of millions of US dollars

Vitaliy Antonenko is accused of several serious cybercrimes, including theft of personal data of bank cards. Investigators believe that Antonenko sold illegally obtained confidential user data in the darknet and laundered money through cryptocurrencies.

Undercover agents and arrest at the airport

Recall that Vitaliy Antonenko was detained back in 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Before the arrest, two undercover agents approached him, finding the connection between him and with two Bitcoin wallets, through which more than $94 million passed.

Preliminary sentence

The Boston prosecutor’s office has been able to file charges based on which the Ukrainian faces 20 years in jail and a fine of half a million dollars.

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