Turkey will not impose 40% tax on income from cryptocurrencies

The Turkish authorities said that the media are spreading false information about the imminent introduction of a 40% tax on cryptocurrencies. The government has no such intention, and this is nothing more than rumors.

Local regulators plan to create conditions for the sustainable development of the blockchain industry. To this end, new legislation will be presented in the coming weeks that will regulate the circulation of digital assets in Turkey. It will help protect the interests of investors, actively fight against fraud and manipulation in the cryptocurrency space.

Note that the excitement associated with the change in tax legislation is associated with the active circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The Turkish market has more than 5 million active users of cryptocurrency exchanges and is among the TOP 5 largest digital currency markets in the world.

More than 30 trading platforms are actively working here. Therefore, any government decisions cause huge excitement among crypto enthusiasts.

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