The Central Bank of the Russian Federation spoke about the launch of the Digital Ruble

The head of the Bank of Russia Center Elvira Nabiullina made a statement at the final press conference that they are ready to launch a pilot project of the digital ruble next year.

Nabiullina stressed that the Central Bank does not see the goal of ousting one of the types of existing money. The crypto ruble will be a form of the ruble, functioning on a par with cash and non-cash, based on this, there are no savings on emissions.

Nabiullina said that at the moment, the main goal of the regulator is to ensure the rapid conversion of different types of the ruble among themselves, which will give citizens and businesses the opportunity to choose the most convenient method of payment.

The head of the Bank's Center believes that the launch of the digital ruble is realistic in the near future, but first of all, it is required to assess the risks and test the system on a fixed number of users.

The Central Bank will be the issuer of the digital ruble. Users will be able to make settlements without having an Internet connection, which will provide additional opportunities and solutions for business.

Nabiullina also believes that the security risks of transactions are small, in light of the understanding of working with digital assets.


The material was prepared by an anonymous author from open sources.