The Central Bank of Russia will start testing the e-ruble in 2022

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has supported the concept of the electronic ruble. The national cryptocurrency of Russia will begin testing in 2022. This project was supported not only by representatives of the financial system, but also by government officials.

The launch of the CBDC will create the preconditions for a more efficient operation of the financial sector. It is an innovative tool in the arsenal of banks and other financial institutions. He will help modernize the entire payment infrastructure.

According to experts, after the emergence of the Russian cryptocurrency, there will be big changes. At a certain stage of development, digital money will replace cash. This will create additional opportunities for the banking system.

Most likely, a qualitative transformation of the financial system will take place, and its productivity will rise. Transaction costs for money transfers will also be reduced.

Let's remind that, according to the statement of the Russian authorities, the e-ruble will become the third form of money in the country. The issuer of the cryptocurrency will be the Central Bank. However, it is also known that organizations will be able to launch electronic cryptocurrency wallets for tokens.

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